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Car Hire in Malta (like a Knight!)

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As you plan your next trip to Malta, one question may be daunting your mind: how do I get around this beautiful island? Fear not, for this article will guide you through the ins and outs of car hire in Malta. Discover the best deals, hidden gems, and must-know tips for exploring like a true knight.

Car Hire in Malta Takeaways:

  • Convenience and freedom: Renting a car in Malta allows you to explore the hidden gems of the country at your own pace, providing you with the best experience during your trip.
  • Cost-effective: Renting a car in Malta can be a cost-effective option, especially when traveling in a group. It also allows you to have the best experience without breaking the bank.
  • Explore hidden gems: With a rental car, you can easily explore the lesser-known places in Malta, such as the Blue Lagoon, Mdina, and Gozo Island, and experience the country like a true knight.

Introduction to Car Hire in Malta

When looking into renting a car in Malta, it’s important to become familiar with the rental information and legal links provided on the company’s website. Whether you need a car for leisure or business purposes, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions. Reputable car rental companies in Malta often offer comprehensive rental information on their websites, making it easy for customers to review the legal details before finalizing their decision.

Why Should You Rent a Car in Malta?

Malta is a beautiful and historic island, full of stunning landscapes and rich culture. To truly experience all that this gem has to offer, renting a car is the way to go. In this section, we will explore the many reasons why you should choose to rent a car in Malta. From the convenience and freedom it provides, to the cost-effective option it offers, to the ability to discover hidden gems off the beaten path, renting a car in Malta will undoubtedly give you the best experience possible.

1. Convenience and Freedom

  • Convenience: Renting a car offers the convenience of traveling at your pace, without relying on public transportation schedules.
  • Freedom: With a rental car, you have the freedom to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations and tailor your itinerary to your preferences.

2. Cost-Effective

  • Compare Prices: Research and compare car rental rates from different companies to find the most cost-effective option.
  • Choose Fuel-Efficient Vehicles: Opt for fuel-efficient cars to save on fuel costs during your trip.
  • Consider Rental Packages: Look for inclusive rental packages that offer the best experience at a reasonable price.

Pro-tip: When returning the rental car, refill the fuel tank near the drop-off location to avoid additional fees.

3. Explore Hidden Gems

  • Research hidden spots like the Blue Grotto for a unique exploration experience.
  • Engage with locals to unveil lesser-known places, enhancing your visit.
  • Utilize off-peak times to avoid crowds and savor the tranquility of exceptional locations.

After hearing about the hidden gem of Dingli Cliffs from a local, my friends and I set out to explore it. The breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere made it our best experience in Malta.

car hire in malta
2 10 Car Hire in Malta like a Knight
1 10 Car Hire in Malta like a Knight

What Are the Best Places to Rent a Car in Malta?

When planning a trip to Malta, one of the best ways to explore this beautiful island is by renting a car. But with so many options available, where should you go to find the best car hire services? In this section, we will take a closer look at the top locations for renting a car in Malta. From the convenience of Malta International Airport to the bustling streets of Valletta and Sliema, we’ll discuss the rental information and partnerships with major travel agencies to help you make the best choice for your travels.

1. Malta International Airport Car Hire

  • Upon arrival at Malta International Airport, locate the car rental offices in the Arrivals Hall.
  • Present your rental information and relevant documents to the representative.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork and payment process.
  • Inspect the vehicle for any damages before leaving the rental office.
  • For a hassle-free experience, consider booking your car in advance through reputable travel agencies or through one of our partners.

2. Valletta

Valletta, the capital city of Malta, offers numerous car rental options. When searching for rental information, consider companies like Discover Cars for both business and leisure travel. Pro-tip: Before finalizing your booking, check for any ongoing promotions or discounts offered by car rental companies in Valletta to save on costs.

3. Sliema

Sliema, a bustling town in Malta, offers various car rental options. The area provides convenient access to rental information and services from reputable companies . Whether you’re looking for compact cars or luxury vehicles, Sliema has an array of choices to cater to your needs. Stay updated on the latest deals and news from top rental companies to make your car reservation stress-free.

What Are the Requirements for Renting a Car in Malta?

When planning a trip to Malta, renting a car can be a convenient and exciting way to explore the island. However, before hitting the road like a knight, there are several requirements that must be met. These include age restrictions, driver’s license, insurance, and terms and conditions. In this section, we’ll break down each of these requirements and provide important information to ensure a smooth and stress-free car rental experience in Malta.

1. Age Restrictions

  • Age restrictions for renting a car in Malta usually require drivers to be at least 21 years old, although some companies may have a minimum age of 25 for certain vehicle categories.
  • Information about renting a car and age restrictions may also include additional fees for drivers under 25 years old, in order to account for higher insurance risks.

2. Driver’s License

  • Verify the driver’s license requirements with the rental company.
  • Ensure your driver’s license is valid and meets Malta’s requirements.
  • Check if an International Driving Permit is necessary for your rental.

Fact: In Malta, a valid driver’s license is required to rent a car, along with additional rental information available at the rental company’s office.

3. Insurance

  • Verify rental insurance coverage for damages, theft, and liability before booking.
  • Understand the rental information regarding insurance deductibles and coverage limits.
  • Consider reputable car rental companies , known for their excellent service for both business and leisure travels, offering comprehensive insurance options.

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What Are Some Tips for Driving in Malta?

Driving in Malta can be an exciting and memorable experience, but it’s important to be prepared for the unique challenges that come with navigating this small Mediterranean island. In this section, we’ll discuss some essential tips for driving in Malta, including the importance of following traffic rules and staying informed about rental information. We’ll also touch on the narrow streets that are characteristic of Malta and the benefits of using GPS or maps to help you navigate. So buckle up and let’s hit the road like a true knight in Malta!

1. Follow Traffic Rules

  • Observe speed limits and traffic signs diligently, as stated in the rental information.
  • Yield to pedestrians at designated crossings, as mentioned in the rental information.
  • Avoid using a mobile device while driving, as advised in the rental information.

2. Be Aware of Narrow Streets

  • Ensure you drive cautiously through narrow streets, being mindful of pedestrians and oncoming traffic.
  • Opt for a smaller car to navigate the narrow streets comfortably and reduce the risk of scrapes or scratches.
  • Prioritize renting a vehicle with maneuverable features for tight spaces, enhancing convenience during your explorations.

When navigating Malta’s narrow streets, it’s essential to consider rental information in advance, selecting a suitable vehicle to navigate the island’s charming but compact roadways.

3. Use GPS or Maps

  • Make sure to obtain rental information for GPS or a map from your rental provider.
  • Get familiar with the map or GPS system before driving in Malta.
  • Use GPS or maps to easily navigate and explore the island’s attractions.

What Are the Must-Visit Places in Malta With a Rental Car?

As you explore the beautiful island of Malta, why not do it in style? With a rental car from Rhodes-Car.Rentals , you can experience the rich history and stunning landscapes like a true knight. But with so many must-visit places to see, where should you go first? Let’s take a look at the top destinations that should be on your itinerary. From the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon to the ancient city of Mdina, and the picturesque Gozo Island, we’ll provide you with all the rental information you need to make the most of your trip with our top notch partners .

1. Blue Lagoon

  • Research rental information for car hire at Blue Lagoon, considering reputable companies that can be found here for competitive rates and reliable service.
  • Compare vehicle options from the platform, making sure they are suitable for the terrain and size requirements when driving around the Blue Lagoon area.

2. Mdina

Visiting Mdina with a rental car is a fantastic way to explore this ancient walled city. You can easily access Mdina’s narrow streets and historic sites. 

Mdina, also known as the ‘Silent City,’ is one of Malta’s oldest towns, dating back more than 4,000 years. Steeped in history, it offers a captivating glimpse into the island’s past.

3. Gozo Island

  • Research Rental Information: Before traveling to Gozo Island, look into rental options and choose a reputable company like Rhodes-Car.Rentals, which has partnerships with reliable car rental services.
  • Check Rental Requirements: Ensure you meet the age, driver’s license, and insurance requirements to rent a car for a smooth experience on Gozo Island.
  • Explore Gozo Island: With a rental car, explore the stunning landscapes, historical sites, and charming villages that Gozo Island has to offer.

Conclusion: Experience Malta Like a Knight with Car Hire

To experience Malta like a knight, take advantage of car hire services for convenient exploration. DiscoverCars, a renowned car rental mediator, offers exciting partnerships and news updates related to car hire in Malta.

Pro-tip: Plan your itinerary in advance to make the most of your car hire experience, ensuring you visit historical sites and picturesque landscapes across the island.

FAQs about Car Hire In Malta Like A Knight!

What is the best car hire company in Malta?

The best car hire company in Malta is certainly in They offer a wide range of vehicles, convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, and excellent customer service.

Can I rent a car in Malta without a credit card?

Yes, you could find offers the option to pay with a debit card or cash for car hire in Malta. However, a credit card is still required for the deposit.

Is it necessary to upgrade to a newer version of my browser to book a car hire in Malta?

Yes, for the best experience we recommend upgrading to a newer version of your browser. This will ensure that all features and functions of the rental website are fully accessible.

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