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Faliraki Car Hire Options

This article provides comprehensive information on car rentals in Faliraki, including types, costs, requirements, insurance options, and tips for securing the best deals.

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faliraki car hire

Faliraki Car Hire: Local Offices or Big Players?

There are many advantages to renting a car online and choosing a big company over a local office.

  • Better prices: Big companies often have better prices than local offices, especially if you book in advance. This is because they have a larger fleet of cars and can negotiate better rates with suppliers.
  • More convenience: Big companies have more offices and locations, making it easier to pick up and drop off your car. They also offer a wider range of services, such as one-way rentals and airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • More reliable: Big companies are generally more reliable than local offices. They have a better track record of customer service and are more likely to have the car you want available when you need it. They also have a larger network of mechanics and support teams in case any issues arise during your rental period.
  • More flexible cancellation policies: Big companies often have more flexible cancelation policies than local offices. This means you can change or cancel your reservation without incurring extra fees, giving you peace of mind if your plans change.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Importantly, many big car hire companies are increasingly committed to environmental sustainability. Recognising their role in reducing carbon footprint, these companies often offer a range of hybrid or electric vehicles for rent. They also actively engage in carbon offset programmes and are continuously implementing measures to reduce their overall environmental impact. So, by choosing a big company, you’re not only getting a great deal on your rental, but you’re also contributing to a greener planet.

In addition to these advantages, big companies also have a wider range of cars to choose from, including luxury and specialty vehicles. They also have better technology and online booking systems, making it easier and more convenient to make reservations.

However, there are some benefits to renting from a local office as well:

  • Personalized service: Local offices often provide personalized service and can offer more specific recommendations based on your needs and preferences. They may also be able to provide local tips and advice that big companies may not have.
  • Supporting the local economy: By renting from a local office, you are supporting small businesses and contributing to the local economy.
  • Less competition for popular cars: If you’re looking for a specific type of car, such as a vintage or convertible, a local office may have a better chance of having it available. This is because big companies tend to prioritize their most popular models.

At Rhodes-Car.Rentals, we cater to the diverse needs of our clients by offering both options. You have the freedom to choose between the extensive services of big rental companies and the personalized touch of the best local car hire offices. To ensure you get the best value for your money, our website provides the opportunity for you to research and compare 🔎 the competition for car rental in Rhodes. This way, you can make an informed decision and select the car rental offer that best suits your needs and preferences.

73 Faliraki Car Hire Options
69 Faliraki Car Hire Options
68 Faliraki Car Hire Options

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How Much Is a Rental Car Per Day in Faliraki?

The price of a rental car in Faliraki varies depending on the type of car you rent, the time of year, and the length of your rental. However, you can expect to pay around €20 per day for a basic economy car.

What Types of Cars Can I Rent in Faliraki?

You can rent a wide variety of cars in Faliraki, including:

  • Economy cars
  • Compact cars
  • Midsize cars
  • Full-size cars
  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Minivans
  • Luxury cars

In Rhodes,  small economy cars are often the preferred choice for many tourists and locals. There are several reasons for this popularity. Firstly, these vehicles offer excellent fuel efficiency, making them a cost-effective option for exploring the island’s diverse landscapes. Secondly, their compact size makes navigating the narrow, winding roads of Rhodes, particularly in the historic center of Rhodes, much easier. Lastly, the availability of these cars is generally higher, meaning you’re more likely to secure a booking, especially during peak tourist season.

Can I Pick Up My Rental Car in Faliraki and Drop It Off at a Different Location?

Yes, you can pick up your rental car in Faliraki and drop it off at a different location. However, there may be a one-way rental fee. It is important to check with the rental company in advance to confirm their one-way rental policy.

What Types of Insurance Are Available When Renting a Car in Faliraki?

There are a variety of insurance options available when renting a car in Faliraki, including:

  • Collision damage waiver (CDW)
  • Loss damage waiver (LDW)
  • Liability insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Supplemental liability insurance

It is important to understand the different types of insurance available and to choose the coverage that is right for you.

Do I Need a 💳 to Rent a Car in Faliraki?

Yes, you will need a credit card to rent a car in Faliraki. This is because the rental company needs to be able to place a hold on your account for the cost of the rental and any potential damages.

What Is the Minimum Age to Rent a Car in Faliraki?

The minimum age to rent a car in Faliraki is 21 years old. However, drivers under the age of 25 may be subject to a young driver surcharge.

Do I Need an International Driver’s License to Rent a Car in Faliraki?

If you are not from a country that is part of the European Union, you will need an international driver’s license to rent a car in Faliraki. You can obtain an international driver’s license from your local automobile association.

Can I Rent a Car at Rhodes Diagoras International Airport?

Yes, you can rent a car at Rhodes Diagoras International Airport. There are many different rental companies located at the airport, so you can compare prices and choose the best deal.

For detailed information about the car rental process at Rhodes Diagoras International Airport, we highly recommend that you read our comprehensive guide available at Rhodes Airport Car Rental Guide. This guide provides a step-by-step overview and essential tips to ensure a seamless and efficient experience.

A Pro Tip🤝

And one pro tip to bear in mind is the timing of your booking. One of the best ways to secure a bargain is to 🔎book your car rental during the winter. During this off-peak season, demand for vehicles is lower, which often means lower prices for you. Not only can you enjoy substantial savings, but you’ll also have a wider choice of vehicles. So why wait? It’s a savvy move that guarantees value for your money while ensuring you get the exact vehicle you desire for your Rhodes adventure

What Should I Do If I Have a Problem with My Rental Car?

If you have a problem with your rental car, you should contact the rental company immediately. They will be able to assist you and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

At Rhodes-Car.Rentals, we’re proud to be affiliated with DiscoverCars, a globally renowned car rental platform. DiscoverCars holds a firm commitment to ensuring the highest standards of customer experience and satisfaction. This commitment extends to every company that participates on their platform, fostering an environment of excellence and quality service. Therefore, when you rent through us, you can feel confident that you’ll receive top-tier service, punctuality, and reliability, regardless of the vehicle you choose to hire.

How Can I Get the Best Deal on a Rental Car in Faliraki?

There are a few things you can do to get the best deal on a rental car in Faliraki:

  • Book your car in advance. Prices are often higher for last-minute rentals..
  • Compare prices from different rental companies🔎. You can use a car rental comparison website to compare prices from multiple companies at once.
  • Consider renting a smaller car. Smaller cars are generally less expensive to rent than larger cars.

Faliraki General Information

71 Faliraki Car Hire Options

Hotels in Faliraki

In the following section, we have meticulously curated a list of the best hotels in Faliraki, based on customer reviews. These accommodations have been chosen for their outstanding service,  amenities, and exceptional guest satisfaction ratings. Whether you’re searching for an intimate boutique hotel or a large-scale resort, our list is designed to guide you in finding the perfect place to stay during your visit to Faliraki. Of course you can receive your prebooked car rental in any hotel in Faliraki!

  • Aquarius Beach Hotel | Down-to-earth beachfront hotel featuring a restaurant & bars, plus a seasonal outdoor pool. 4-star hotel for €80 per night.
  • Orion Hotel | Unfussy rooms with balconies in a laid-back property offering a restaurant & an outdoor pool. 3-star hotel for €74 per night.
  • Mazoren Art Hotel | Laid-back quarters, some with sea views, in a hip hotel featuring an outdoor pool & a snack bar. 3-star hotel for €99 per night.
  • Anelia Boutique Studios & Apartments | Straightforward units in a relaxed apartment hotel offering complimentary breakfast. 3-star hotel for €86 per night.
  • Mitsis Faliraki | Casual rooms in an all-inclusive beachfront resort with 7 eateries, an outdoor pool & sports courts. 5-star hotel for €272 per night.
  • Aloe Hotel – Adults Only | Modern and spacious rooms, all with private balconies. The hotel has a large outdoor pool, a spa, and a fitness center. It also has a restaurant and a bar, both of which serve delicious food and drinks. 4-star hotel for €204 per night.
  • Apollo Blue Hotel | Upmarket beachfront hotel offering indoor & outdoor pools, plus a spa, dining & tennis. 5-star hotel for €261 per night.
  • Casa Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa – Adults Only | Rustic-chic hotel offering stylish quarters, some with hot tubs, plus dining & a seasonal pool. 4-star hotel for €104 per night.
  • Faliraki Bay Hotel | 3-star hotel.
  • Kriamos Blue Greek Hotel | 4-star hotel.
  • Cyprotel Faliraki Hotel | Relaxed all inclusive resort featuring outdoor pools, some with waterslides, plus dining & tennis. 4-star hotel.

Things to Do in Faliraki

Faliraki offers a wide range of activities and attractions to suit all tastes and preferences. Here are some things you can enjoy during your visit:

  • Faliraki Beach: Enjoy a relaxing day at Faliraki Beach, known for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or trying out some water sports.
  • Water Park: Visit the largest water park in Greece, a favourite amongst families and thrill-seekers. It boasts a variety of slides and pools, catering to all ages.
  • Stroll Around Faliraki Harbour: Take a leisurely walk around the picturesque harbour, lined with restaurants serving fresh seafood and traditional Greek cuisine.
  • Visit Anthony Quinn Bay: Named after the famous actor, it’s a must-see for its beautiful landscape and mesmerising turquoise waters.
  • Explore Local Shops: Enjoy shopping in Faliraki’s many souvenir shops and local markets. They sell everything from handmade jewellery to traditional Greek products.
  • Nightlife: Experience the vibrant nightlife that Faliraki is famous for. With numerous bars, clubs and beach parties, there’s something for every party-goer.
  • Cultural Tours: Consider joining a cultural tour to learn more about the history and heritage of Rhodes island.
  • Traditional Greek Cuisine: Lastly, don’t miss out on trying traditional Greek dishes at local tavernas. These include moussaka, souvlaki, and the famous Greek salad.
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